Ways to Rethink Wednesdays and Beat that Mid-Week Slump!

Hump Day! It’s back again.

A little over a year ago, the GEICO Camel Commercial managed to change the way employees viewed the “mid-week slump.” Instead of tired eyes and quite offices, people started to share more laughs and exchange more smiles. However, just like most viral videos that capture millions of viewers, they always seem to diminish overtime. So now, as Wednesday begins to kick off, the biggest question is, how can you transform the way you take on your Wednesdays?

Geico Hump Day Camel


Start a Habit

What makes you truly happy that you wish you could incorporate more into your week? Think of it, think of it… got it? OK, great!

Wednesday is the perfect day to allocate at least one hour to focus on what you love to do. Instead of trying to "power through” your Wednesdays and rush to the weekend, start an enjoyable and healthy habit that makes you feel great. Put it on your calendar and follow through with it. Don’t treat your weekdays as if it's all work and no play. Incorporate exciting habits mid-week so that you can transform the way you view your “hump day.”


Get Up Early

wake up early

The morning peace and stillness is not something many of us experience enough on a regular basis. A lot of times, the fluffy pillow and quilted comforter seem to be more appealing than the moments before sunrise. However, it’s these moments that allow you to focus, have some peace and quiet, and gradually gear up for the day.

Time and time again, studies have shown that the most successful people wake up early. This time allows them the luxury to focus on themselves first, prepare for the day ahead, and get a jumpstart. So, instead of taking an extra hour to get some shut eye, set your alarm an hour earlier and see what you can do.


Frontload Your Day

You know that really awesome feeling when you get all of the hard things done before noon? Yeah, it’s pretty remarkable.

Energy levels are generally higher in the morning than they are come mid-afternoon. So, restructure the way you schedule your Wednesdays. Instead of pushing out your meetings, calls, or projects until after lunch, put the more consuming tasks first. This way you can have a clear and focused mindset and you can also avoid the dreaded 1pm “get back to work” feeling. 

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Go Out To Lunch

So remember that really good feeling of getting everything done before noon? Well now, you get to reward yourself a bit more.

Gather up a few co-workers or friends and head out to for a nice, quick bite to eat. Allow yourself to walk away from the office, home, classroom, etc. Use this time to disconnect, share some laughs with people you enjoy, and refocus your mind. Try not to think about what you have do next, the errands you have to run, or the projects that need completing, just sit, enjoy, and eat something healthy that will help give you that extra boost through your mid-week hump.


Get In Some Exercise

This will help you not only physically, but mentally as well.

It’s recommended you run, lift weights, or get in some yoga prior to the end of your day because the longer you wait, the more likely you are to push it off to that place of never-never land we all like to refer to as "tomorrow." So, whether you choose to exercise during the first hour you wake up or maybe the hour you were going to use for lunch, just make sure you take some time to actually do it.

Now yes, at first, you may not be the most alert in the morning or even in the middle of your day, but whether it’s a mile jog now or a couple downward dogs later, your body is more likely to be revved up, ready to take on your day and push you through the week. Not only is exercise healthy for your body, but it allows your brain to mentally readjust and focus on something else. Go on, give your brain a break!

There you have it. Pick your poison and think of what would help you reshape your mid-week slump to be more like our Camel friend over at GEICO.


As always, a warm cup of Zest is a great way to avoid 'failure to launch' first thing in the morning.  

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