Good For Gifting

Good for Gifting

Whether they’re already hooked on Zest or just don’t know what they’re missing out on, surprise them with the perfect gift from our Good for Gifting Collection. Featuring the teas, drink mixes, and accessories (gift cards too, of course) that are ideal for saying happy birthday, happy holidays, or just “thanks for not calling the cops.”

Zest Gifts

We’ve selected some of our favorite Zest products that anyone would be so happy to receive. There’s a little something for everyone here, from the shift worker who could desperately use some late night energy, to the full-time mom who needs a little extra help getting to sleep at night. Explore gifts by purpose, finding functional beverages to aid sleep, energy, or an epic workout. Alternatively, give a gift with a little more versatility - check out the sampler packs for a small taste of everything we have on offer.

The Ultimate Gift Card

Ah, the gift choice of the indecisive. It’s not lazy, it’s practical. Perfect for the fussy drinker, awkward secret santa recipient, or birthday celebration you forgot was today. A Zest gift card is sent directly to their email, so they can instantly redeem it on any purchase made at  All Zest drinks are great for sending a message. Say “get some rest” with sleep tea, send a box of immunity tea as a “get well soon”, and wrap up gut health drinks… okay, maybe not all our drinks.  Explore the Zest gifts that send the right message here.