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Zest Infuser Mug

12 total reviews


You asked. We listened. This version is now taller than before!

Enjoy your favorite loose leaf (or bagged) tea on the go with our beautifully designed infuser mug! Brew your favorite blends instantly in 4 easy steps. The glass keeps your tea hotter longer, allowing you to savor while you sip throughout the day. Think of it as your own portable teapot - with none of the hassle - so now you can get your pick-me-up wherever you are.

Key Features

Our Zest Infuser Mug is made up of high quality, food-grade materials: 

- Cup, the sleek cylindrical body holds 350 ml ( 7.5 fl oz) of tea, is cup holder friendly, and made from double walled glass ensuring the temperature stays hot or cold for hours 
- Stainless steel strainer, SUS304 basket that conceals itself directly in the mug and has a fine etched-hole-pattern, effectively filtering tea leaf particles. - Lid, the final piece that once in place retains the heat of the tea and keeps contents from leaking while on the go. 


- Ease of use: Does not require any additional utensils, allowing you to steep your tea directly into the mug with little to no mess.
- Portable: Brew your cup as fast as possible and take your tea to-go. 
- Durable: Made from double wall glass to retain heat and is dishwasher safe. 

How It Works (Step by Step)

1) Twist off glass lid
2) Add your favorite Zest tea to the stainless steel strainer 3) Pour hot water over the tea leaves and into the basket 4) Steep for desired length, remove infuser, and enjoy right away or twist the lid on and take to go.
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Brew Zest on the go
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Brew Zest on the go
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Brew Zest on the go
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